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    Welcome to the home of Olde Tyme Arts and Crafts.  On this page you will find information about our company.  Additional pages provide information about us, craft history, artwork and hand-crafted items for purchase.   All pages are quickly accessible from the index on the left.  

   Cindy and Garry Walter of Olde Tyme Arts and Crafts are dedicated to preserving and promoting history.  We specialize in craft kits, handmade items of yesterday and historical note cards and paintings.  Our products work well in museum shops, craft galleries and historical parks.  It has successfully been proven that  a  handmade item is a way for guests to take home a part of history and a reminder of their visit.

     Our kits include spool knitting, rag rug, stick weaving, quilting, knot tying and origami paper folding. We offer  two basket coiling kits, using either pine needles and raffia or cloth and cord.   We also offer  a hand loom /beading kit , a lucet kit and an instructional video for rug knotting.



     You can conveniently order on line, or we invite you to visit a location in your area that carries our products listed on the retail locations page.  There you will find wonderful people who share our commitment to preserving traditions of the past.

Green Initiatives

Our business has undertaken the following Green Initiatives:

We have adopted the practices of recycling by implementing a business plan for our products and services that are less harmful to the environment, through energy reduction and and transportation efficiency.  Our plan includes recycling in the use of materials; such as fabrics, fiber and wood  products for our craft kits, handcrafts and artwork.  We also recycle boxes, packing materials and shipping products.  We make crafting products and kit items by hand using tools that do not require custom production or materials.

       Feel free to browse our site.  Thanks for visiting, we look forward to hearing from you.

Ordering and shipping information can be found at the link below.  Check back often for new items.

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