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     In Italian means to embroider and is  a whole cloth quilting technique.  Traditional patterns consisted of feathers, leaves, flowers, vases and other motifs,  and were outlined in stitching on a solid color.
     The art of quilting can be traced to primitive Chinese culture.  However, in the Holy Land during the 12th Century, Crusaders used quilting for both warmth and padding under armor.   The quilting of bed covers appeared in the 14th Century during devastating winters in western Europe.
      Trapunto originated around the 1400's in Sicily.  At this time, frames were invented along with tools for combining layers of fabric.  The first filling materials were lamb's wool, moss, feathers or grass to give added warmth.  
     Later in the century it was  a popular method for decoration  and clothing construction, especially in England.  This sophisticated craft was brought over in the early 1700's  by new immigrants, and  thought to be refined and tasteful.  Usually only women of wealth and leisure could afford to buy the materials needed and had the time to pursue such pleasures.   
In our kit you will find traditional pattern sheets, templates and motifs.  
Step-by-step directions for making 
designs suited for quilt tops, pillows or
a simple  picture.   Instructions for stuffing motifs and cord filling diagrams,
plus threads, pins, needles and fabric. 

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