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     The art of quilting can be traced to primative Chinese culture.  However, in the Holyland during the 12th Century, Crusaders used quilting for both warmth and padding under armor. 

     The quilting of bed covers appeared in the 14th Century during devastating winters in western Europe.  At this time, frames were invented along with tools for combining layers of fabric.  The first filling materials were lamb's wool, moss, feathers or grass to give added warmth. 

     Later more elaborate techniques were used such as scrolling, motifs and applique for decorating quilts along with shoes, gloves and hats. After rising to higher levels of artistry, treasured pieces were handed down to relatives. 

     Up to this point, quilt tops were a solid piece of fabric.  Arriving Europeans in  1700 and 1800 brought along quilted bed sets.  In time, after many repairs, they resembled patch work tops. Today with inexpensive and easily obtained material, and the addition of sewing machines, quilting is once again reborn using new skills and techniques. 

In our kit you will find pattern sheets of templates and motifs, as well as  step-by-step directions for making a completed quilt with edging.   Instructions for applique and block composition diagrams are included.  The supplies provided are a seam presser, a needle book, 2 sewing needles, 6 round-head straight pins and quilting thread.

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