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Here are a few of my favorite crocheted pieces of needlework.

[Item No. HC0501]   Green crochet round draw string bag made with an acrylic and wool blend, lined with cotton material.  Size:   Approx. 12 inches high and 12 inches wide.  $25.00

[Item No. HC0502]   Round crochet draw string barrel bag made with chunky light blue and beige acrylic yarn.  Size:   Approx. 12 inches high and 12 inches wide.  $20.00


The spool knitting tool will also make projects that use a more delicate thread or yarn. 

[Item No. HC0503]  Spool knit maroon and beige spool knit draw string bag.   Approx. 7 1/2 inches tall and and 7 inches wide.  $29.95 

[Item No. HC0504]  Spool knit envelope purse made with blue cotton thread and maroon acrylic yarn.  Lined with  brushed cotton in beige with a maroon stripe.  Accented with an antique button closure.  Strap is approx. 44 inches long.   $29.00


[Item No. HC0505]   Light blue woven cloth envelope purse with decorative silver button closure.  Lined with a floral cotton  material.   $25.00


[Item No. HC0506]  Large bottle sling, spool knit with nylon thread and crocheted with   multi-color  acrylic yarn.  Strap is approx. 44 inches in length.  Shown over a  1 liter bottle.   $14.95

[Item No. HC0507]   Small bottle sling crocheted with blue acrylic yarn and nylon thread.  Strap is approx. 44 inches in length. Shown over a 20 oz. bottle.  $  9.95

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