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     This is our original series.  The mountain culture theme incorporates woodland creatures which appeals to children as well as adults.  It includes the Knitter Kritter Spool Knitting Kit, Rug Ratt Rag Rug Kit, the Basket Bunny  Basket Coiling Kit with either  yarn or fabric, Molly Mouse's Quilting Kit, and Blue Bird's Weaving Sticks Kit.

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[Item 01001]  Knitter Kritter Spool Knitting Kit - Make rugs and decorative coils for trim.  Kit includes knitting spool, knitting stick, starter yarn and instruction sheet.  Spool comes pre-wound so you can begin right away.  $14.95


[Item 02001]  Rug Ratt Rag Rug Kit - A traditional cloth-knotting kit for making rugs, baskets, place mats and purses.  Included are a handmade needle, easy-to-follow instructions, a color illustration knotting guide sheet, project ideas and prepared fabric strips.


[Item 03002] Quilting Kit - Includes pattern sheets for making traditional quilt blocks, stitching motifs and applique as well as  step-by-step directions for making a completed quilt with edging.  Also included are instructions for making applique and quilt block composition diagrams, fabric and batting.  There is a handmade seam presser, a spool of thread and needle book with roundhead pins and 2 stitching needles.  $14.95




[Item 05001] Blue Bird's Weaving sticks Kit - Includes warp  material for needles, 2 complimentary  weaving yarns, 4 handmade needles, complete directions and photo instructions for  weaving project.  $14.95


[Item 06001] Ewe Can Weave Hand Loom Kit - Includes a pre-wrapped hand loom and shuttle, additional warp  material ,  complete directions and photo instructions for  weaving projects and Indian beading.  $14.95


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