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Lucet Braiding

    The lucet is believed to date back to the Viking Era due to findings of manmade bone objects.  Antlers were also used to make this tool.  It was commonly used throughout the 1600's until the 1800's,  when the manufacture of cording made it cheaper to buy.

    In medieval and earlier times, it was used to make cording that laced clothing together, and to tie on armor.  Aglets added to ends of the cording assisted in threading through ready made holes in armor and clothing, and kept ends from fraying.

    The aglets of the wealthy were made from silver or gold and were sometimes decorated with precious jewels.
Bronze and brass were more affordable  for commoners while imitating the decorations of the rich by substituting natural stones.  Other uses for lucet cord included decorative trim and cords for jewelry.

     Lucet braiding is an ancient form of cord-making that is enjoyable, fast and fun for all.  Make unique and useful products by sewing the cord into rugs, throws, chair pads, hats, bags, belts, drawstring or jewelry using yarn, string, thread and natural fibers.

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