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Knot Tying

      Knot tying can be dated back thousands of years.  The first material was probably a plant fiber.  Today we would use leather strips, ribbon, wire, cotton string or rope.

     Knots have been used for a variety of purposes through the ages.  The Incas of Peru used knots for written communication.  The type of knot, and the position  on a colored cord, would all convey a special message.  Knots have been used as decoration  for jewelry, fringe on window dressing, wall hangings and art, like traditional Celtic knot designs.

     Sailors and fishermen have many uses for knots, from anchor lines, to mooring ships, securing sails and fashioning nets.

      Our kit contains two ropes in 2 foot lengths.  Directions and photo illustrated pages for tying knots.  These same knots can be used on finer cording for crafts and jewelry making.

Includes the following knots:

   1) Buntline Hitch              4) Reef Knot
      2) Anchor Bend                5) Sheet Bend 
        3) Figure 8 Knot               6) Bowline Knot
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