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Craft History:

     The pages below contain the history of the craft kits we offer.  As well as a brief description of materials, instructions provided and an explanation of what each kit will make.   The kits are designed for all ages and crafting experience, from beginner to professional.  They  provide a practice project, but are intended to be a teaching tool.  Directions and additional project ideas are included, along with suggestions for materials.  I have also included tips and techniques that I use for each craft.


Welcome to the history of our historical craft kits.  Select the image to view information on the craft.   Please let us know if you have any questions.

        Basketry            Lucet Braiding       Rag Rug Knotting


                  Quilting            Spool Knitting       Weaving Sticks

        Knot Tying          Hand Loom                   Rag Doll
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