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Welcome to our page on all things about crafting and more.  I will be adding tips, tricks and ideas for crafts, art, and history from all sources. Check back often and let me know your thoughts and comments.  

Yours in history and education;Cindy Walter


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Joining Fabric Strips

Posted on May 28, 2020 at 4:35 PM Comments comments (0)

The image below is a step-by-step page for joining fabric strips to make all types of projects with no sewing.It is great for crafting on the go and undoing work is easy if you have a change of idea or make a mistake.  

Spool Knit Purse

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A small purse or necklace pocket is a simple project to make with the Spool Knitting kit.  I keep one of these with a diplay at events, and usually end up giving to a small child who become fasinated with it.  But, no problem, they are quick to make and use very little yarn.

I started by using 3 of the pegs and wrapping for a round cord. 

The construction begins by deciding how wide to make the purse.  Fold the cord over and lay the top cord over the bottom.  It is secured by sewing through the center of both cords from the bottom through to the top. When moving to the new row, fold over and stitch the last row and new row together matching the placement of the stitch below. 

This is the side you are stitching on.  When going in the opposite direction there will be a slant to the stitches.

Below is what the other side will look like.

Continue until the square is as high as you would like when folded in half.  To finish, sew sides together.  Use the rest of the cord at the end of a row to make a strap as long as you would like.   Cut the cord off the spool and close the end, sew strap to the other side.  Any shape can be make by how you sew the cord together.

Below is a link to our catalog page to order from our primitive kits collection:


Pine Needle Basket project

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Here is a pine needle basket I have started, the center is a wrapped plastic curtain ring stitched in a dream-catcher or spiderweb design. This makes an easy start for shaping the bottom of your basket. The pine needles are stitched using a simple V-stitch pattern.  All instructions and materials, including a stitch guide with traditional stitches, and materials are in our pine needle basket kit available here as item #5002 under the Pioneer Trading post label:  


Handspin Newspaper Yarn

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Handspun Newspaper Yarn

I am sharing an article by Doug Gunzelmann of Green Upgrader for making yarn out of paper.  The items needed are newspaper, scossors and a spindle.  I love to recycle whenever possible and think this is a great use for discarded paper.  Also try other materials like magazine pages, paper bags and  wrapping paper.  A poster commented a suggestion; "If you don't have a spindle for twisting the newspaper an electric hand mixer or an old fashioned mixer works.  Just twist the end of the paper around ONE of the beaters...keep cranking or running them till you finish."  Full instructions with images are at the link below.



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I am sharing a post from Crafts with Amanda on a timely hat pattern by Persia Lou.  This is a quick and easy pattern that uses only 1 skein of yarn and a size J hook.  A wonderful way to spend some time crafting while waiting for the cold weather to let up a little.

Get the full instructions here -> http://persialou.com/…/simple-slouch-crochet-hat-pattern.ht…;

Newest Book - Timeless Santa

Posted on December 29, 2015 at 11:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Timeless Santa was released just in time for christmas this year and has met with much possitive feedback.  Becauswe it is based on historical information we are getting requests for the book after the holiday as well.

As described on the back cover:

See more information at our BOOKS page on the side bar above.

It's Finally Out!

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Our new book, Portal to Florida's Past, is now available for purchase. It is about an archaeology fieldtrip to the past with activities after each chapter. Along with vocabulary terms to ensure a positve learning and fun experience. Garry,s illustrations enhance the experience. The intended audience is 3rd, 4th and 5th graders but adults will learn as well. Order yours today!

For more information please go to the BOOKS page on the sidebar above.