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About Us

      We are Garry and Cindy Walter, of Olde Tyme Arts and Crafts and  have been involved in the arts and crafts of the area for over a quarter of a century. 

     Garry was born in the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains.  He has always had an interest in old structures and wildlife which he conveys through paintings in  watercolor, and drawings in pencil.  He has studied painting with nationally renowned oil impressionist, Richard Ensing and oil painting artist, Linda Lancaster.  Garry has furthered his education with nationally renowned watercolor artist, Tony Couch, as well as watercolor and sketch artist, Don Melander.

      I was born in the rolling hills of Kentucky and  started crafting as a child by giving handmade items as gifts.     My husband and I have enjoyed visiting many historical parks and living history museums all over the country.  This became the inspiration for the craft kits, art and my needlework. 

       We are both dedicated to promoting the arts and crafts that have always been a part of this country by rekindling the spirit of our ancestors through interpretive art, crafts and craft kits.  

       Together we share a commitment to preserve traditions from the past through public demonstrations and handmade items.  Our mission is to  renew interest and encourage creativity in your own works of art.