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Pioneer Trading Post
The second series, Pioneer Trading Post, depicts the pioneer period of 1806-1890's.  Our display packaging and materials reflect this era.

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[Item 01002]   Spool Knitting Kit - Make rugs and decorative coils for trim.  Kit includes knitting spool, knitting stick, starter yarn and instruction sheet.  Spool comes pre-wound so you can begin right away.  $14.95

[Item 02002]  Rag Rug Kit - A traditional cloth-knotting kit for making rugs, basket, place mats and purses.  Included are a hand made needle, easy-to-follow instructions, 2 color illustration sheets for fabric joining and knotting, project ideas and prepared fabric strips.  $14.95

Item 04002] Quilting Kit - Inc  Includes pattern sheets for making traditional quilt blocks, stitching motifs and applique, step-by-step directions for making a completed quilt with edging.  Also quilt block composition diagrams,  there is a hand seam presser, a needle book with roundhead pins, 2 sewing needles and thread.   $14.95

[Item 05002] Pine needle Basket Kit - Includes yarn for wrapping coil, 2 bundles of pine needles, raffia for stitching or decorating, a handmade needle and complete instructions for historical decorative stitching and weaving. Also instructions for pine needle use and storage.  $14.95



[Item 06002]  Weaving Sticks Kit - Includes warp material, 2 complimentary weaving yarns, 4 hand made needles, complete directions and photo instructions for projects.  $14.95


[Item 08002] Hand Loom and Beading Kit - Includes a pre-wrapped hand loom and shuttle, additional warp  material ,  complete directions and photo instructions for  weaving projects and Indian beading.  $14.95

[Item 09002]   Rag Doll Kit - This kit includes step-by-step instructions with follow-along digital  images to make it easy to understand.   As well as all construction materials, plus a hand made sun bonnet and apron.  Just add scissors and a ruler. $9.95



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